Lighting design is an interesting and creative job!

LEOX is an internationally well-known lighting design company based in Shanghai and a leading player in this industry. Through its ten years of experience in lighting design, LEOX has gained a rich design experience and successfully completed many projects. Our projects include museums, art centers, public squares, schools, upscale hotels, chain stores and shopping centers, commercial buildings, residences and lighting plans.


At LEOX, we cooperate with architects who are well-known both at home and abroad: through good communication and in depth understanding of the design intent, we use natural light and artificial light as our tools to provide the proper lighting designs for each project. We combine our knowledge and strengths to create comfortable lighting environments.


You will work with a first-class professional lighting design team comprised of people from different parts of the globe and have different backgrounds. Our tem members’ in depth project experience and creativity creates and environment of mutual inspiration.


We are currently recruiting for the following positions:

  • pdfProject Manager[Beijing] 1 Vacancy2020-07-21
  • pdfSenior Lighting Designer[Shanghai] 1 Vacancy2020-07-21
  • pdfLighting Designer[Shanghai she... 2 Vacancy2020-07-21
  • pdfJunior Lighting Designer[Shanghai She... 3 Vacancies2020-07-21
  • pdfRendering Designer[Shanghai] 1 Vacancy2020-07-21
  • pdfElectrical Designer[Shanghai] 1 Vacancy2020-07-21